The Shondes + Against Me! Winter Tour (Photos Galore)

Dear Internet,

Hi, it’s Zach. Sorry I haven’t checked in in a while, but I’ve been kind of busy. Highlights have included working a gig for Drake, hanging out with Solange and her band while I mic’ed them all up, producing and performing on the new Keith Cooper record out of the Soul Shop in Boston, MA, and producing my first hour of PRI distributed radio for Afropop Worldwide. The second half of 2013 was nuts, and I’ll cover that in a forthcoming post…

But the big thing right now is my current gig playing guitar for The Shondes on their winter tour with Against Me!. It’s a real trip playing such big, beautiful venues, watching Against Me! own the stage every night, hanging out with Inge Johansson (who’s playing bass for AM! on this tour, and played with The (International) Noise Conspiracy, holy shit), and sidekicking for such talented stage-performers as Louisa and Eli of The Shondes.

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