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Though it would be filed under indie-rock in a record store, and despite the relative rockingness of some of the material, Zachary Toporek’s songs make a pretty strong argument that he could pass as a traditional singer-songwriter if he chose that route. The music of Young Mothers (Toporek’s nom de plume) calls back to a time before “pop” became a dirty word, when ambitious songwriters armed with melodies, chops and sincerity reached for something more than the stale ambivalence that prevails on the increasingly depressing radio dial. The sound is full-bodied, at once cinematic and gritty, polished and humble. Sometimes Toporek croons, hitting every note dead-on without the whine so often heard in rockers’ voices. Sometimes you’ll see a vein or two popping out in his neck while the band belts it out. Either way, it’s damn good.

Click here for more music from Young Mothers.

“Young Mothers has a fresh, yet familiar take on pop music. Toporek goes beyond typical expectations of what a pop song should sound like while still creating music that is relatable and appealing.”
West Coast Fix
“Songwriter Zachary Bennett Toporek comes up with pop songs that can stand the test of time.”
Here Comes The Flood
“Young Mothers – a music act that hits the sweet spot of some things I love like one-man bands and music dealing with the state of Arizona. Young Mothers, the musical work of Zachary Toporek from Tuscon, is the simple intersection where a moody Elliott Smith guitar crashes into the chipper sounds of a Weezer melody.”
I Guess I’m Floating
“Det ganska nya skivbolaget Fort Lowell Records kommer inom den närmsta framtiden släppa färggranna sjutumsvinyler (limiterade, såklart) från artister från Tuscon, Arizona. Först ut är Young Mothers och deras Come on, the cross som finns tillgänglig för inköp från och med 20 april. Smaka på a-sidan här.”

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