COOL ALERT: Pop Up Record Store at Lorimer LStop

COOL ALERT: Pop Up Record Store at Lormier L-Stop

Say what you will about the over priced, over rated, elitist, cooler-than-thou, hipster mecca that is Williamsburg, but a pop-up record shop in the subway is rad anyway you cut it. Stop by The Newsstand tonight at 7:00 for a hyper-limited edition copy of Palm Wine‘s new mix, If-Me-No-Call-You-No-Come.


Yeah Yeah Yeahs on Letterman

Contemporary music is really hard for me to deal with in many ways, so I’m super thankful to YYY for putting some out that really stimulates my brain-nodes/doesn’t make me feel like an old person cursing the kids today and their Bub-Steps. Continue reading