On The Making of Van Morrison’s Tupelo Honey


From Wikipedia:
‘The vocals on the album were always live after rehearsing each song five or six times, according to saxophonist and flautist “Boots” Houston, who further commented that when Morrison and the band went into the studio: ‘we would then just play a whole set straight through without repeating anything. We would have played maybe twenty songs and Van would go back and cut out the songs he didn’t want. The only time we’d go back would be to overdub backing vocals or horns.’ Ted Templeman remarked that he had to go through three engineers during the recording of the album, due to Morrison’s “ability as a musician, arranger and producer”: ‘When he’s got something together, he wants to put it down right away with no overdubbing … I’ve had to change engineers who couldn’t keep up with him.’

Holy shit. Watching a bunch of Yacht Rock episodes made me want to investigate Ted Templeman, a man who produced artists including The Doobie Brothers, Little Feat, Van Halen, Michael McDonald… and Van Morrison. Here’s a particularly compelling live version of track one, side one of Tupelo Honey.

Just a first-take kinda guy… otherwise known as an inspiration.


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