A Song For Me

I felt a little ignorant for neglecting Gram Parsons’ work until recently, but I was promptly rewarded when I finally sat down with his solo catalogue. “A Song For You” is clearly a standout. Take a listen.

I think it’s kind of crazy that I listened to this song for weeks on end and never realized that it’s one chord progression the entire, and one I’m particularly fixated on at that. This song’s essentially I- ii- IV-I, with the little IV-V-IV tag at the end. Of all the progressions I adore, this is probably the one I’ve “written” the most times, all of them in A major. I think (at least today) that the best of those tunes is a currently “unreleased” track called “Gravity”. This is it’s world premier.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve taken from working with The Shondes is that I have a lot to learn about vocal harmonies. I’ve had some extra time on my hands lately, so I decided to live out my passion for this song, this progression, and all harmony by recording a cover of “A Song For You”. I’m a little proud of it, so I’d like to share it here. If you can bare a little more A-major in your life…


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