BEACH BROS Debuts on!

My dear friend and collaborator Tom Smith’s 1-minute cartoon debuted on today. I’ve never felt more real. Please watch and share.

Be forewarned, there’s some adult content going on in this one. But with cartoons. So. Yeah.


I’m Tracking Maude

I’m an A/V assistant  with Music First Productions, and this Friday I’ll be recording one of my coworker’s bands, Maude. Fingers crossed we’ll get to borrow some MFP mics for the sessions.

We’re packing up some of my gear, some of my buddy’s gear, and talking it over to their rehearsal space to track three songs as live as possible, excluding vocals. I’d say “of course”, but my understanding is that, in the early Elvis Costello recordings, Nick Lowe insisted on Declan performing his vocal live with the band, P.A./monitors and all, so there’s always a higher standard.

I’m very excited for the session, particularly because lately I’ve been feeling chafed by my inability to track live drums and amplified electric instruments whenever the hell I want, a luxury I enjoyed for the past decade in Arizona.

It’s been particularly bothersome recently because I fear I might have fallen into a deep, dark hole that I may not be able to dig myself out of. I started demoing a song a few weeks ago, and the programmed drums are starting to grow on me.  I pulled up an a sample of an acoustic kit from Native Instruments and performed the part with a few digits on my Akai midi keyboard, and now I’m starting to really feel like they might be realistic enough to carry the recording, which is a seriously confusing emotional-acoustic experience for a guy addicted to the sound of natural tape compression and distortion. Anyway, I’ll be tracking some live music by the end of the week, and that’s enough for me.

Here’s a pretty rough demo of that tune, complete with the programmed drums that are vexing/exciting me so. Generous ears are appreciated.