South Africa Today


The episode of Afropop Worldwide that I produced with Morgan Greenstreet went live today. This is the culmination of my trip to Los Angeles earlier this month to cover the South African Arts Festival. Major thanks to Leigh Ann Hahn from Grand Performances for all her help, Grand Performances for putting on the festival, Morgan Greenstreet for his help and impeccable taste, and Mike Jones from Studio 44 for his editing expertise. The episode airs in the Tri-State area on 91.5 at 11pm Saturday night, and noon and 11pm on Monday.

Up next, heading to Vassar tomorrow morning to work a concert for Solange. Life is cool.


Silly Shaggy Shit

Shaggy dropped a collab with Ne-Yo today, and  I was lucky enough to catch it quick off his twitter. “You Girl” is a tasty little treat, and  I had a fine time writing it up for Afropop.

Click this shit for the whole story, homie.

Click this shit for the whole story, homie.

Well, in the process of researching the track, I stumbled onto this gem:

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 8.00.42 PM

God bless you, Dr. Finklestein.